We are a family business inspired by the sartorial tradition of the small artisanal workshop created in the 1932 by grandma Rosalinda Corsetti.

We are now the third generation and we decided to keep alive her passion for creating perfectly crafted creations to enhance, as she use to say, “the extraordinary uniqueness of every woman”.

Thanks to the passion that she transmitted to us, we decided to keep creating collections of accessories which, following

the sartorial tradition, we keep designing and crafting by hands with unique and innovative fabrics manufactured exclusively in Italy.

Our funny and unconventional accessories, created with love and attention to details are all limited editions.

“We like to dream, we enjoy creating and we love crafting unique accessories for extraordinarily unique women”


Our bags and backpacks are handmade by artisans who have shared the dream of creating a contemporary fashion object for every occasion.

The unconventional and exclusive fabrics make each CORSETTI accessory unique. KIKIBAG, BOULEBAG and BACKBAG are completely reversible. Produced and distributed in Italy by CORSETTI.

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